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Building Your Own First-Aid Kit.

Make your own first-aid kit to put with the 10 Essentials.

One of the most important items among the 10 Essentials is a first-aid kit. Not meant to carry everything you could possibly need, it should carry items that will address common hiker maladies and items that apply to your personal health situation.

While you can purchase ready-made first-aid kits at stores, we recommend tweaking it to suit your needs or even assembling your own. This will ensure that you are familiar with its sections and have some understanding of how to use what is in it. This list below offers a suggestion of some basic items that should be in personal first-aid kits. We encourage you to seek further information with a medical professional or enroll in a Wilderness First-Aid course.

A basic first-aid kit should include:

Source: American Hiking Society. Please visit the AHS Website for more information.

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