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Cross-Country Skiing Safety

Before You Ski

Exercise Common Sense.

Know your abilities and limitations.

Know the difficulty of the trail before you ski it.

Be prepared for variable snow and weather conditions.

Dress in layers that can be easily shed. Nordic / cross-country skiing is an aerobic activity, you will warm up quickly.

Ensure that all members of your party have adequate experience and conditioning to complete the trip you've planned.

Carry adequate food, water, clothing, and survival equipment commensurate with your activity.

Skiing Safety & Ethics

Most nordic trails in Wisconsin don't have ski patrollers; be prepared to get yourself out of anything you get yourself into.

Stay in line with your group. Make sure the group stays together, and keep an eye on stragglers in the rear.

Call "track" when you want to pass a skier. The other skier should move aside, allowing you to pass.

Move aside to let faster skiers pass you whenever you hear someone behind you calling out: "Track!".

Keep distances in mind. Every mile you ski out adds a mile to your return trip, so pace yourself accordingly.


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